TOP 30th Achiever

Very thankful to my LORD that April 2019 was a very busy and fruitful month.. Thankful to my clients’ trust and support that I can help them to secure their CHOICE units .. Buy to wait and not wait to buy property ☺️

TOP 10 Achievers

Thankful to Lord Jesus for this blessing. Thankful for Grow Group for giving me this recognition : TOP 10 Achievers for Dec 2018

TOP 10 Achievers For Dec 2018

Every Good and Perfect Gift is from Above Thankful for His Provison Thankful to all my clients for engaging my service.. Thank ERA Grow Group for Giving me this recognition : TOP 10 Achievers Dec 2018

TOP 20 Achievers For The Month Of January 2018

What a Good Start For 2018 to be awarded TOP 20 Achievers . Thank all my customers for allowing me to serve you and meet your property needs. Give thanks to God for His blessing and favour. ☺️

TOP 20 Achievers in January 2018

Thank ERA COO Doris For presenting this TOP 20 Achievers Award to me.

October TOP 20 Achiever

Give Glory to God ! I was awarded TOP 20 Achiever in the month of October 2017. ☺️☺️

Quarter 3 TOP 40 Achievers

Quarter 3 TOP 40 Achiever in 2017. Thank ERA COO Doris for presenting this award to me..

TOP 20 Achievers in 2017

TOP 20 Achievers for Oct 2017 and TOP 40 Achievers for Quarter 3. Thank all my customers for your support and allowing me to serve you. Give thanks to God for His Blessings. ☺️☺️

TOP 20 Achievers !!☺️☺️

July 2017 TOP 20 Achievers in my Division of more than 300 agents ..☺️☺️